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Contec is a Turkish brand that produces plastic packaging solutions. With more than 40 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry, Contec manufactures high-tech plastic packaging machines and exports them to more than 20 countries. Contec currently offers Double Line Fully Automatic Disposable Medical Mask Machine, Disposable CPE / PE Glove Machine - Blocked and Perforated, Cargo and Security Bag Cutting Machine, Soft Handle Bag Cutting Machine, Adhesive Reinforced Bag Cutting Machine, Hygiene and Diaper Bag Cutting Machine Machine, Wicket Bag Cutting Machine, Vacuum Bag Cutting Machine, Flying Knife Bottom Welding Machine without Needle Hole, Bill Pocket Cutting Machine, Gambo Liner Machine, In-Line Printing Machine, Aluminum Tube Welding, Slicing Machine, Plate Mounting Machine, In-Line Quadro It manufactures Welding Unit, 138 Degree Welding Unit & Bottom Welding Machine, High Performance MDO (Machine Direction Stretched Film Production) Unit.

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Contec New generation plastic glove machine

Publish Date: 10 June 2021
Location: Türkiye
Year of manufacture: 2020
Price: On Request
Description: 2020 year, used for 6 months, working in the Gaziantep…