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Fengchi is a China-based brand that produces high-speed plastering machines. The full name of the company is "Dongguan Fengchi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd." Fengchi currently manufactures high speed spinning machines, high speed corrugated/cardboard lines. Its main machines are: FZ-1450, FCP-1300, FCP-1300, FC-1300, FC-1300, GZ-1700L, GZ-1700L, GZ-1450L, GZ-1450L.

On this page you can find used or new Fengchi brand high speed laminating machines, high speed corrugated/board liner for sale. 

Fengchi GZ 1700L Laminating Machine

Publish Date: 04 July 2021
Location: West Europe
Year of manufacture: 2021
Price: On Request
Description: Feng Chi GZ 1700L Laminating Machine 1.Leading international motion control…