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W. Gantenbein is a Swiss-based company that produces capping machines. The company W. Gantenbein has been producing capping machines since the 1950s. The most familiar models of W. Gantenbein are the Bufalo 500 and Bufalo Rondofix perfect binding machines. W. Gantenbein company closed in 2013.

On this page you can find used W. Gantenbein Bufalo 500 and Bufalo Rondofix perfect binding machines for sale.

Gantenbein Bufalo 500 perfect binder

Publish Date: 12 June 2020
Year of manufacture: 2002
Price: On Request
Description: Gantenbein Bufalo 500 perfect binderYear: 2002With 1 Clamp perfect binderManual FeederMilling…