Labeling Machine

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Labeling machines attach printed labels on containers, finished products, bottles, ampoules and other packaging materials. These are also known as labelers. Some labelers are designed to apply labels to products or specific items, while others are designed for use with a wider variety of packages, containers, and products. Labels are self-adhesive labels with ready-made glue on the back or by applying hot glue afterwards, and can be stuck on the container with very little pressure by machine. Labeling machines, chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverages, agriculture, electronics, medicine, etc. it is an integral part of industries. These machines, which can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual with advanced labeling features, make your packaging job easy, clean, professional and hygienic.

Sato Judo 23 Hand Labelling

Publish Date: 06 June 2021
Location: Türkiye
Year of manufacture: 2020
Price: 900TL
Description: Sato Judo 23 Hand LabellingYOU CAN WRITE TWO LINESnew machine