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Ad Code: 52364170
Publish Date : 16 October 2022
Delivery Date: Immediately
Category: Coldset Web Offset Printing Machines
Brand: KBA Koenig & Bauer
Location: Germany
Year of manufacture : 2002
Condition : Used
Current State: In production
Width: 1260
Machines Condition
Price 250.000,00 EUR - EXW (Ex-Works)

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Christof Centmayer
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Technical Data:               KBA Commander

Year of construktion          2002 + E-Retrofits

Cut-off                              470 mm x 2

Cylinder circumference      940 mm

Web-width                        1260 mm (945 mm, 630 mm)

Max. produktion                42.000 cyl./hour

Max. pages                       64 pages coldset machine (32-4/4+32 -2/2 Colours)

                                        48 pages coldset machine full colours 4/4

Machine in                        production, yes

Test possible                     yes

Machine condition             very good

Availability                         shortly after inspection

Location:                           Europe



Scope of delivery:

1x Rollenoffset-Rotation Typ KBA Commander

Year of construction          2002

Cut-off                              470 (2x470)

Web width max.                1260 mm full web, 945 mm 3/4 web, 630mm 1/2 web

Speed 42,500 rph             = max. 42,500 copies Collective production

                                        = max. 85,000 copies Double production

Formats:                           315 x 470 mm

Magazine page                 235 x 315 mm

Type area                         Newspaper page 290 x 440 mm



1x steel substructure

4x KBA Patras "M" reel-handling system

4x KBA automatic reelstand KBA Pastostar RC

4x KBA infeed device (chain)

3x KBA Commander printing towers, each with 8 printing couples

    10-cyl. Sat. design, each for 1x 4/4 impression / 2x 2:2 impression

    3x automatic blanket and impression cylinder washers type: Oxy-Dry

    24 x spray dampening units

1x cut-off register control for 8 ribbons (Q.I. - new 12/2019

4x pair of turner bars

1x skip slitter

1x folder superstructure with 2+1 formers

1x jaw folder unit KBA type KF 5 (system 2:5:5)

1x cross perforation in the 1st cross fold

2x longitudinal perforation former roller A and B

1x ribbon stitcher with two-part KBA stitching cylinder

Drives (KBA Drivetronic) with clutches

1x stitcher installed under FE gathering cylinder

4x web edge control system make: Erhard und Leimer

4x infeed units with AC drive and dancer roller

1x dampening water treatment and circulation system (water-cooled)

     Interface printing unit ink pipes for automatic black ink fountains

     for 12 inking units (3x4 pieces)

     Interface printing unit ink pipes for automatic colour ink supply 

     for 18 ink fountains (3x6 units)

Safety equipment (KBA Drivetronic)

Electrical drive and control equipment (KBA Drivetronic)

Control consoles 3 KBA