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Publish Date : 01 December 2020
Delivery Date: January 2021
Category: CTP Systems
Brand: Krause
Location: France
Year of manufacture : 2013
Condition : Used
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Krause LS-Jet

High performance CTP platesetter for just-in-time production with up to 400 plates per hour
Proven Trolley concept, upgradable with Multiformat handling and Power Loader pallet loading
Best in class automation with Autodrop.
Excellent quality by Krause Juwel-Optics and highest system availability.
User-friendly operation and perfect BlueFin processor  system integration in one control panel.

Plate size Max. 640 x 940 mm (25.2“ x 37“) Single and panorama newspaper or commercial plate sizes,
Exposure size Max. 610 x 940 mm (24.0“ x 37“) Juwel-Optics for highest imaging quality,
Supported plate types 405nm CTP plates, certified by Krause Independence from one plate type, supplier or technology,
Plate capacity - trolley 1,000 single or 500 pano plates Large plate capacity and easy format changes,
Plate capacity - pallet 3,000 single or 1,500 pano plates Lights out CTP production over several shifts.

Footprint 1,050 (W) x 3,453 (L) x 1,490 (H) mm
(41.34“ x 135.94“ x 58.66“)
Small footprint of CTP line with ideal access to all
components even with pallet loading.

Krause Blue Fin XS650

     High performance LowChem plate processor
     Suitable for high quality applications and screenings
     With up to 350 plates/h fastest processor
     Reduction of energy costs of up to 50%
     High production security by monitoring of all flow rate
     parameters with the FlowControl System
     Robust design for HighEnd newspaper application with
     LowChem violet plates.

Plate format max. 650 mm in working width, min. 270 mm in process direction
Plate orientation crossways or long direction even with small plates
Plate thickness 0.25 – 0.4 mm (0.01“ - 0.015“) All common newspaper thicknesses can be processed
Production speed 80 – 240 cm/min (31.5“ - 94.49“/min.) Reliable and fast processing with up to 350 plates/h
Construction Stainless steel bath, robust chain drive for rollers
and brushes
Easy cleaning, longevity of processor, low wear and tear
Rollers 80 mm diameter, all rollers can be used in all positions High production safety, reduced wear and tear costs
Brushes 56 mm spiral brushes with up to 150 rpm Easy adjustment and good brushing
PreHeat Hot Air Circulation PreHeat with energy saving and
isolated Jet-Convector principle
Short warm up <9>low heat emmission
Tank content of wash gum unit 100 liter bath tank with optional extension,
2 brushes
Large tank volume for higher plate volume per wash
gum filling
Top-up With water by exact dispensing pump Precise top-up with flow sensor
Dipping length 83 cm for 21 s dwell time at 240cm/min High speed processing with secure plate distance