Ürün Özellikleri
İlan Kodu: 69723084
Yayınlanma Tarihi : 20 Ağustos 2019
Teslim tarihi: Ocak 2020
Kategori: Heatset Web Ofset Baskı Makinaları
Marka: KBA Koenig & Bauer
Lokasyon: West Europe
Üretim Yılı : 2007
Durum : İkinci El
Mevcut Durumu: Üretimde
Kesim: 45,2 cm
Genişlik: 132 cm
Makina Durumu
Temizlik Görünüm
Fiyat İlan Sahibine Sor

Technical data heatset KBA Compacta C408:

Year of construction                    2007
Machine direction                        from left to right
Cut-off                                         2x 455 mm
Cylinder circumference               890 mm
Web-width                                  1320 mm

Max. production speed               30,000 cyl / h

Max. production                          32/40 pages
Machine condition                       very good
Delivery time                               Jan/Feb.2020
Machine                                      in production, test possible

Machine length = approx. = 44.50 meters

Machine width  = approx. =   8.50 meters

Machine height = approx. =   9.50 


1 paper reel transport with automatic unpacking Station, type: Patras-A

1 KBA automatic paster, Typ: Pastostar, infeed unit, type  EZW-1450

1 C408 flying imprinting unit (2/0), added by KBA in 2014

4 C408 printing units, with semi automatic plate Change, Elettra blanket wash, typ: Fastwash

1 Technotrans dampening circulation System, type: Delta d 400

1 KBA/Baldwin web catcher

1 Contiweb Dryer type: Ecoweb EW 148-1460 (Age 2008)

1 KBA chill roll stand, with: 5 chilling drums, chill drum cleaning on first chill roll, Contiweb Ecochill system

1 KBA folder superstructure, with Weko silicone applicator,

type: WFG 2.4, E&L web guide, 4 sets of turning bars, 2 former boards side by side (motorized adjustment)

QuadTech colour register, type: Multicam RGS V (Icon system)

QuadTech cut off register, type: Multicam RCS (Icon system)

QuadTech closed loop density control, type: CCS (Icon system)

HSS cold glue and spine softening, type: Autosys Vario, with 5 gluing heads of which 1 below former and 4 in superstructure

1 KBA folder, in system 2:5:5, type: V5-890, with: 2 A3 deliveries, cylinder stitcher (2x in the width, 4x in the circumference)

KBA machine control system, typ: OPERA Professional, with Logo Tronic, DriveTronic, ColorTronic, Connection to server (Note: server is centralised and not included)

1 plate bender


Post Press is very new, from 2016 - Complete Post press,