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Palletizing is the process of orting, transferring and stacking products on pallets, usually just before shipping after production. The palletizer is a machine that automatically stacks products, parcels and packages on a pallet. The palletizing robots can apply long-distance palletizing operations at high speed for heavily loaded products. The palletizer works with product stability, working speed and precision. They also make it possible to carry more loads. However, manually transferring packages to pallets is more expensive and time-consuming.

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Publish Date: 14 July 2021
Location: Germany
Year of manufacture: 2019
Price: 85000TL
Description: ​ All maintenance of our machine has been rebuilt.Our machine is…

Tuva Palletizing Robot

Publish Date: 15 June 2021
Location: Türkiye
Year of manufacture: 2021
Price: On Request
Description: Tuva Palletizing Robot